Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Celeste Whitaker takes on role as Women in MICE mentor

Fizz Marketing founder Celeste Whitaker has recently joined the Women in MICE (Meetings Incentives Conferences Exhibitions) Mentorship Programme as a mentor. In 2016 was Celeste was named one of the Top 40 Women in MICE and was invited to a Women in MICE breakfast, held at Meetings Africa. It was at this event that the programme was announced. Says Celeste: "I decided to apply to become a mentor as I believe I have experience and knowledge which I can share with a mentee."

Celeste Whitaker

Celeste's experience is certainly invaluable, having spent many years in the industry. The company Fizz Marketing was started by Celeste in 2000, and she had many years under her belt even at that point. Being a mentor in the industry means a lot to Celeste, "It means I can give something back to the industry and help a mentee grow and develop. It means that I can share my knowledge and experience and hopefully motivate someone to start their own business – this will be very rewarding for me."

The role will include regularly meeting with her mentee, guiding and coaching her. Celeste will be available to offer advice and guidance on both a professional and personal level.

Fizz Marketing have always supported the MICE Academy and the team has been involved in the CPD Programme set up by MICE.

You can read more about MICE here and more about Fizz Marketing here.

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