Wednesday, 15 June 2016

5 tips for keeping your guests warm

It’s winter here in South Africa and although the days are only a bit chilly, the nights are quite cold indeed. Events don’t stop just because of the weather. But how do you ensure your guests stay warm and comfortable during the winter months? Here are five tips.

1. Offer guests shawls
This makes for a lovely idea. Scatter baskets filled with warm shawls around the event venue. If budget allows it, inform guests that they can keep them as an event favour. Having your logo tastefully embroidered into the shawl is also a nice idea, but ensure it isn’t to garish so your guest can still use it.

2. Serve warm beverages There is nothing like a hot cup of gluhwein (German mulled wine) to warm the spirits on any cold night. Other alcoholic drinks to try include Irish coffees and boozy hot chocolate. Sherry is also a lovely winter favourite.

3. Use fire pits outside
If your guests are going to be outside at all, portable fire pits are cosy options for keeping them warm. They also add to the decor and ambience of an outdoor space. Put them where you know guests will congregate and be sure to have your waiters stop by there during the night.

4. Try not to overheat inside
When you have a lot of people packed into a venue, your heating needs won’t be as much as you would think. Too many heaters can dry a place out and make the venue claustrophobic. Heat the room and then switch heaters off strategically when the room is comfortable.

5. Cater with the weather in mind
There are some wonderful catering options for the winter months. For canapés, serve soup in small glasses with fingers of warm bread on the side. Warm mini tarts and quiches are also lovely when it’s cold. For sit down events, serve hearty dishes like roasted beef, stews and soups.

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