Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Gadgets our event profs can't do without

Our event profs shared which gadgets they can't do without! With a high pressure job like event management, any help you can get is welcomed - and that includes technology.

Ntokozo - "I can't live without my cellphone - it's a part of me!"

Michelle - "A USB phone charger, so I can charge my phone through my laptop."

Thabile - "I can't live without my Microsoft mouse for my laptop. I'm lost without it!"

Celeste - "Mine would be my smartphone! Not only for being connect but for taking photos and sharing them."

Other cool gadgets for those on the go:

1. A USB hub, which is basically a way to add more USB ports to your laptop. Just plug it in and use it like a multi-plug. Great for charging phones, plugging in more flash drives and freeing up space for your printer and other USB devices.

2. A power bank. When you're managing an event for a whole day and running around, there really isn't time to stop and charge your phone. And as you can see above, we really need our phones with us at all times. A power bank charges your phone on the go, so it's great to throw into your pocket before heading out.

3. A tablet. Really fantastic for sharing on social media and viewing things on a bigger screen, like presentations.

What are the gadgets you can't live without?

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