Friday, 1 February 2013

Meet the winner of our Women in IT bursary: Thoriso Maloka

Despite facing hardships at home, Thoriso is a star student at the University of Pretoria, studying towards her Bachelor’s Degree in Information Communications Technology. Now in her third year, Thoriso will be able to focus on her final year of study without the stress of paying for her tuition, thanks to the Women in IT bursary we have awarded her.

Thoriso has a particular interest in information ethics, security, privacy and e-literacy. She is also part of the African Centre for Excellence and Information Ethics (ACEIE) which concerns itself with ICT ethics and other issues such as privacy in social media.
Says Thoriso, “My involvement in the centre has so far assisted me to be able to further understand the benefits of Information technology, and most importantly to identify key areas where ICT can be used as a solution tool or most importantly can be used to promote global participation in different spheres.”

Thoriso wishes to use her qualification in the IT field to bring education to African communities. She has identified that although illiteracy is a problem, e-literacy is an area that she feels requires some attention. “It is preventing the less privileged from participating in the global information society that we live in.”

Thoriso was chosen as our winner not only for her passion for the IT field, but for her tireless dedication, as shown by her involvement in extra-curricular activities and her outstanding academic record.

Congratulations Thoriso! We are looking forward to seeing the great things you are going to achieve in your IT career!

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